So this is a photograph I took a few weeks ago of a butterfly in my garden- and I’m pretty impressed with it I won’t lie (might enter a competition) I don’t have any experience with photography and never really done much research into it, however in a recent lecture I heard a quote from Irving Penn which said ‘I can get obsessed with anything if I look at it long enough. That’s the curse of being a photographer’  to which I 100% agree.

In my thinking I’m still coming back to my research on the Anthropocene and how we got to the ecological crisis many people believe we are in. Timothy Morton describes a ’12-thousand year logistical ‘programme’ which resulted in global warming’.  The ‘logistics’ refer to the human social, psychic and philosophical space that represses human-nonhuman relations. To dismantle the concept that the nonhuman are just a host of entities that surround and penetrate us surely we would need to view them as equals or have an emotional connection to their experience.

Personally I find myself often anthropomorphising or personifying (not sure the correct term) small creatures and insects when photographing them. I have become really interested in where this could lead me in my art work recently.