Study Plan #1

Within my current practice and History of Art studies I have recently developed an interest in documentation, dissemination and reproducible. While on my semester abroad in Prague, knowing I would struggle to take work home, I composted pieces out of animate and inanimate objects, focusing equally on composition and how these works could be documented/repeated. While away I also had the opportunity to take a clay modelling class which re-ignited my interest in figurative sculpting. Over lock- down I have delved deeper into more process driven work as a means of coping with the bazar times we have found ourselves in, exploring wax carving and non-conventional casting techniques. Now I am back at ECA I want to start exploring how made objects such as these can be effectively experience in the Covid era art world. I want to learn how to upload 3d images of my work so it can be experienced digitally and how to make physical copies of my work available globally through 3d printing. I am interested in creating work in which the copy or representation is as good/ interesting as the original and in finding non-traditional viewing methods that does sculpture justice. I want my research to involve how viewers engage with documentation of sculpture, what is the most effective method of documenting sculpture and to learn the technical skills required to implement these methods.