“This is My Voice: Trans Pride Performance”

I was chosen to perform at Trans Pride Scotland this year which will take place on 17/10/2020. I have prerecorded this film to show at an online event. Due to the current situation, we were unable to have the physical event this year, so we have opted to do a Zoom event. The event consists of 10 performers, including myself, which will perform a mix of singing, dancing, drag, etc. My performance will probably be a bit different from what people will have seen before because it’s specifically an art performance, rather than just the average “slam poetry” reading – however I do love slam poetry and it does inspire my work.

The context of this work will be interesting because it is my first time performing one of my poetry soundscapes in a non-art context. Although, not in an art context, I think it will really resonate with the audience, as most of the will be trans like me. I deal with such themes as gender dysphoria, anxiety and depression – but also the concept of euphoria, alignment and joy as a trans person.

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