‘Pocket Man’ merchandise

Thinking about ways to market my work to a wider audience. I decided to make some merchandise on Spring using the ‘pocket man’ design. I really like the idea of having your inner child carried around in your pocket, reminding you to be yourself. I was inspired by one of my favourite brands, RIPNDIP, who create t-shirts with cats in the pockets. I thought this was a fun take on that idea.

inner child (2021) – Project Space

For my project space, I made a film where I combined some of the animations I’d made previously with some tracks from my album and footage of me playing guitar. I layered all of these elements together to create what felt like a finished piece.

This film is about the concept of the inside and inner self calling to be heard and what it means to feel aligned as a trans person (outside aligning with inside). There’s a sense of restlessness to the film which represents to long and difficult wait to transition. As the film goes on we get a sense of ease and relief after the character shows top surgery scars and feels content with themselves. At the end, it cuts to a close up of my face, showing what’s on the outside. The people in the project space saw exactly what I was trying to get across.

I’d like to try out multiple ways of displaying this work.

“inner child, outer shell” (2021)

This installation combines multiple elements of what I’ve been working on, including the ‘inner child’ film, which I have separated the animation and the live footage, showing the outer self along with the inner self. I tried different ways of displaying the screens – I like both ways. I made my bedroom look like a hospital room with the medical props. I also put the two ‘pocket men’ in the scene to reflect what was on screen. I want to create more ‘pocket men’ using Fimo so they can harden in position and I can sell them afterwards. This could be a possibility for the degree show.

Another way I’d like to try it out would be a split screen projected.