Easy to unpack and get straight to the turn on stage

Reviewed on 13 May 2020 by Reviewer ranking#6,024,048

An unforgettable journey of my life towards knowledge.

I find the respect from this controller to be genuine. Versatility, build quality and really only very few compromises. The turbo shaft is smooth and feels so strong in my kid leather gloves. The supplied cable is sublime but it doesn’t come with a plug. The controller just fits in my shortest hand making it almost too easy to transport. I’d like a shoulder strap so that I can carry it out walking without having to grip it, but I do still sure do like the bluetooth compatibility it so just take it the way it comes. It came packaged in a brown cardboard box. Inside was another box with a picture of the controller, and inside that, I later realised, was the controller itself. Instructions are also in there. Once you spot them you can’t miss them. So easy to unpack and get straight to the turn on stage. It really doesn’t take long. Unboxing is a breeze. It works with all of my electrical devices and I feel great. All in, it’s fast, light and a bit of a surprise (no spoilers)! I paid less than anyone and did not expect much, however I was totally gobsmacked at the value of money. Great dollar value! Batteries not included. My main problem is the game is really hard. It’s soooo frustrating. I keep getting killed! I would give the controller more stars if the game was easier to play, but it’s just not.