Thou: ’Can I take your name?’

Thee: I want to tell you, and I will. But first, picture this:

Oak and vanilla are also facing total disruption. New oaks and vanillas are systematically uprooting the way we do vanillas and oaks. I’d like to have a space specifically to consider these disruptive oaks and vanillas, and I’m willing to pay for it.

Thou: ’Okay. Can I take your name?

Thee: You can be a part of the problem, no? Just reaching out to you.

Thou: ’Oh uhu, I can have your name?

Thee: Sure. First, that’ll be 11.99 plus 20% UxP commission.

Thou: ’Can I take your name?’

Thee: So a total of 14.40.

Thou: ’I need to take your name down by hand.’

Thee: Listen, I’m a power lifter. I need to make sure this space I’m looking for is gonna be convenient and come with enough… .

Thou: ’Well. So, I need to take your name first.’


Thou: ‘Can I get a name?’

Thee: Shhh. I’m staying quiet at the same time as a pet. ……… Kay. (whispering) It’s his first time turkey burger with aioli on.

Thou: ’Okay. Can I take your name?’

Thee: 14.40

Thou: ’Okay’. [scribbles 14.40 on order stub] ’Okay, so that’s a total of 14.40 plus tax. That includes the commission. We don’t take cash.’