I haven’t got a clue how that works….but thats ok

Sometimes when I am sitting in meetings or speaking to colleagues regarding software deployments, coding changes, databases, conversational design tech even blogs  I might say the words “I haven’t got a clue what that is or how it works” (queue your best Luke Skywalker The Empire Strikes back scream of ‘No!’) and sometimes they laugh nervously and sometimes they look in disbelief.

Luke shouting No

The provision of IS is a massive undertaking hence why you dont see 1-person teams that can do it all. The presumption that we all know multiple coding languages, software settings, user requirements, business requirements, market analysis, business analysis, procurement skills etc is a myth. Who does and more to the point how could they!

Dont get me wrong I love having a play with docker (get me!), ubuntu servers on a VM or chatbot platforms however it’s impossible for us to know it all (for those that work with these ‘Know it all’s  please refer to the wikihow page called 3 Ways to Deal With a Know it All),

IS is an expansive sector which involves numerous skills sets to ensure we deliver services that meet users requirements. The amount of open resources available to learn new technologies is huge (however vary in quality) allowing people like me to learn what is required (*plug alert*: I used Lynda.com to understand how blogging could be configured and used for peer assessments) to gain the required understanding (thier is only so many cmds I can remember for python and honestly, I dont sit at home writing .py scripts once the kids are in bed…which is never as xmas is coming!).

We dont need to all know the same stuff and its ok if we don’t. We all bring different things to the party, imagine a party when everybody brought spinach quiche…..wouldn’t be much fun plus the room would smell (other quiche flavours are available). It’s an exciting time in the tech sector as the multitude of skills required is vast meaning non-techs (gasp, and pause, and continue) can enjoy the diverse work environment as it’s not all about the software (whilst the techs geek out over slashes and dashes whilst eating the left over quiche).

Office software pun





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