I am a PhD student in linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, where I am part of Nilotic@Edinburgh and the Phonetics and Phonology Research Group. I currently work on the Leverhulme Trust-funded project ‘Suprasegmentals in three West Nilotic languages’ (PI Bert Remijsen). My research involves the description of the Dinka language, whose complex suprasegmental system involves independently contrastive tone, vowel length, and voice quality. I study the tone systems of numerous dialects of Dinka, as well as the interactions between tone and voice quality. My research interests broadly include tone, morphophonology, and the description of description of understudied and undocumented languages. My pronouns are she/her. 

CV and contact info.

How I pronounce my name: [mɪ.ˈɹɛ.lə blʌm]