Khushi Kabra – My Journey as a Digital Marketing Intern at the Information Services Group

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Programme of Study and Year: MSc Marketing, 2022-23

Intern Position: Digital Marketing Intern

Hobbies: Travelling, Photography & Dancing

Favourite song right now: You’re on Your Own, Kid (Taylor Swift)

As I approach the final stages of my digital marketing internship at the University of Edinburgh’s Information Services Group, I can’t help but feel an immense sense of gratitude and appreciation for the incredible experiences, personal growth, and invaluable skills I’ve gained. This internship has surpassed all my expectations, providing me with opportunities to put my knowledge from my MSc in Marketing into practice and make a real impact.

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Building on My Existing Skills

Building on my prior two years of marketing experience in my home country, this internship has taken my skills to new heights. The hands-on experience in a dynamic and innovative environment has deepened my understanding of digital marketing intricacies and expanded my skill set. It has been a transformative journey, equipping me with the confidence, adaptability, and creativity needed to thrive in the field.

Crafting Compelling Content & Making a Tangible Impact

One of the highlights of my internship has been the chance to plan, develop, and implement captivating content ideas to promote the university’s online courses on social media platforms. This responsibility has allowed me to refine my content creation skills and witness the tangible results of my efforts. Seeing increased visibility, engagement, and enrollment in our courses has brought immense satisfaction and fueled my passion for marketing even further!

Clicked by: Khushi Kabra

Flexible Schedule: Balancing Work and Studies

The flexibility and accommodation of my schedule around my studies have made this experience even more special. As a current MSc Marketing student at the University of Edinburgh, balancing work and studies could have been a daunting task. However, the team at ISG has been incredibly understanding and supportive, offering me a flexible working schedule that allows me to excel both in my internship and in my academic pursuits.

Learning from the Best & Unleashing My Creativity

Learning from industry professionals has been an invaluable aspect of this internship. I feel incredibly grateful to work alongside Ari and Lauren, my amazing managers. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in my growth as a digital marketer. Not only do they generously share their knowledge and insights, but they also empower me to take ownership of my projects. I’ve had the chance to experiment with different strategies, pushing the boundaries of my creativity and discovering new ways to reach and engage our target audience. Being part of a team that values and nurtures creativity is truly amazing.

Wrapping Up

My journey as a digital marketing intern may be ending soon, but my passion for marketing continues to grow, fueled by the knowledge and memories I’ve gained. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the University of Edinburgh’s Information Services Group for an unforgettable internship experience. To all aspiring marketers, I encourage you to seek opportunities that challenge and inspire you. Remember, it’s the journey that shapes us, and this internship has undoubtedly shaped me into a more confident, adaptable, and creative digital marketer. I am really excited to see where this passion takes me next!

As a testament to this whole experience, I even created a Day in a Life video that captures the essence of my internship journey. If you’re curious to see what a day in the office looks like for a digital marketing intern and get a glimpse of the excitement I’ve experienced, check out the video here.

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