Ranuli Palipane, Digital Marketing Intern

Ranuli Palipane – Digital Marketing Internship 2021/22

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Working on this role during my final year of Uni was one of the best decisions I made. The flexibility of the role is amazing – I was able to make the job work around my very busy schedule, without having to compromise on my personal or Uni work. I was able to take time off for my dissertation and meet all my deadlines on time. My team was very understanding of my priorities as a 4th year student and accommodating of my last-minute changes in hours whenever my coursework deadlines shifted. I never thought I would be able to handle a part-time job on top of University, sports training, and volunteer work – that is how accommodating and flexible this role was for me.

Working on this role involved a lot of on-the-job learning, and a lot of opportunity to learn new skills. I was able to excel my skills in Canva, learn how to edit videos in MediaHopper, become skilled in Hootsuite, learn how to use InShot and Google Analytics.

Picture 1 - Poster created by Ranuli; This is a poster advertising study support for students, provided by the Institute of Academic Development. It lists workshops and resources for postgraduate students, both on-campus and online. It shows a decorative image of a student browsing Learn in the Old College courtyard.

My team was very patient and helpful as I learned and navigated my way around the work. It feels very welcoming to be working in a department that is invested in your professional growth. I helped create a few social media campaigns for the free online courses, and even take part in the photoshoots for the Online Learning department.

Picture 2 - Poster created by Ranuli; Poster titled 'Make the world a better place'. It advertises a free online course, titled "Self Care and Wellbeing: A Practical Guide for Health and Social Care.", accessible on FutureLearn. It quotes: "Doctors all over the globe have been working under stress during unprecedented circumstances. Special thanks to the course instructors who shared videos addressing our emotional and psychological welfare."

There is a lot of room for independent work and taking charge of your work, and this was a huge opportunity for me to learn and research on topics on the job. Even though I only worked 2 days a week, I felt very much part of the wider department as I was invited to attend staff meetings and events with my team. You can check out some of the work I’ve done:

Picture 3 - Screenshot of an Instagram reel created by Ranuli; This is a screenshot of an Instagram reel, addressed to online learning students. It allows them to take a 'virtual tour' around Edinburgh and shows popular places such as The Vennel, Calton Hill, Princes Street, Victoria Street, Princes Street Gardens, McEwan Hall on graduation day.

Reel 1

Picture 4 - Instagram reel created by Ranuli; This is a screenshot of an Instagram reel, showing study tips when learning online. It is concentrating on eating healthy and advises: scheduling meal times, drinking enough water, eating healthy snacks and controlling the caffeine intake.

Reel 2

My typical working day was either from home or at the office where I would be catching-up with my manager and colleague first thing, update them on the work I’ve done last week, and discuss my work for the current week. My team is always in touch with me on my workdays and check up on my progress from time to time, they were very responsive if I had any issues and genuinely asked for my input on a number of projects.

Picture 5 - Poster created by Ranuli; This is a poster illustrating two persons at their graduation ceremony, in front of McEwan Hall, holding their diplomas. The poster reads "Dear Online Learning Class of 2022, we'd love to hear your graduation stories!", followed by "Tag us on social media or send an email to online.learning@ed.ac.uk", afterwards listing the Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn icons for the University Online Learning department.

I would definitely recommend working for ISG as a student intern to any student, it’s a role where your work really has an impact and a place where your growth and development is valued and invested on. I loved working on the role as Digital Marketing intern and am so sad to leave. To the upcoming intern, you are in very good hands!

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