Sean Gambier-Ross: Fishing for Facts

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Sean is one of our two Web Development and Support Assistant placement students all the way from Napier. World Record holder of ‘Most Lynda Videos Ever Watched’, he now revels in delivering his daily facts about animals and carrying his French Press back to his desk without spilling the beans.




Contrary to my fellow interns, I was looking forward to the rigid structure of a 9-5.

I was maybe glad to escape my past working for Fringe hospitality: the memories of having no bouncers to assist us Sunday-Thursday still looms over me. Although my position differs slightly from the others, I’m actually doing a 12-month internship program as part of my degree. Looks like I’m riding solo for the next 9 months (bar Kalvin who’s an ex-flatmate, I guess we weren’t supposed to part just yet.)


During my first week or two friends didn’t quite understand my role at the University when I tried to explain it.

Looking back I don’t think I did either. Given the title “Web Developer” you’d think it’s a pretty simple concept: develop websites. I’m responsible for how it looks, creating its layouts and integrating graphics.

I was skeptical to begin with, as my coding ability was a bit below par, but after watching COUNTLESS tutorials on those fears slipped away.


I am now the Lynda spokesperson for the interns: 10,000 hours to master a craft? I don’t think I was too far away…

Seeing as I’m here for the long run I’ve taken up until now to learn as much as I possibly can.

Initially, it was a bit overwhelming to go to meetings and hear about all these different softwares and languages that were unfamiliar to me. One of my biggest fears was someone asking me to do something in front of them and not be able to use even YouTube or Google and just sit there like “ehhhhh I’m going to need a minute.”

Everyone on my team has been so accommodating. Arthur took me under his wing and I work with him on a daily basis. Aileen who is my desk buddy is always there to help me out or answer all of work/non work related questions throughout the day.


Here are a few light-hearted things I’ve learned during my internship:



*Koala fingerprints are almost indistinguishable from humans and have often been confused at crime scenes.

Discussions started on the 3rd day concerned what our YouTube guilty pleasures were. After not much deliberation I piped up: ‘Sharks’. Little did I know this was only the beginning. I soon spiraled into a fascination with other animals and I’ve been spitting out facts regularly

It has gotten to the stage now where everyone tells me I’m following the wrong career path. ‘Sean why aren’t you a marine biologist?’ Well you never know; maybe down the line.




*Opposites attract.

I think all of the interns can agree we all bring something different to the table. With conversations from Van Gogh all the way to football and back to Shark attacks you’d be surprised how much information you can take in (And actually remember, so you can sound sophisticated in front of a group of friends…. I’m not perjuring myself here).


*To my surprise I’ve drastically improved my organisational skills both in my office life and outside.


I’m the type of guy with this sort of desktop…


All in all its been a positive experience that I wouldn’t change one bit. Lots of laughs *and learning, with some great people.

Here’s to the next 9 months!



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