Ashlee’s background is in LGBTQ community development working with the overlapping groups of Black, Deaf, disabled and female LGBTQ people, and then working in equality research. Ashlee’s currently doing a PhD about how equality third sector organisations understand and use intersectionality. She/her.


[Image description: a photograph of Ashlee, who has short brown hair, hoop earrings and a top with brightly coloured fruits printed on it.]


Leah is currently doing a PhD on domestic abuse policy-making in Scotland since 1998. Leah’s research explores the extent to which an intersectional approach has been applied to policy and how women of colour are represented in policy and practice. She/her.



[Image description: a photograph of Leah, who has shoulder-length brown hair, glasses, and a black top with red flowers printed on it.]


Cat is a political theorist with an active interest in intersectional theory and practice. Cat’s PhD project is a theoretical work exploring constructions of disability in contemporary political theory in conjunction with global dynamics of knowledge production. They/them or she/her.



[Image description: a photograph of Cat, who has their hair in a bun and is wearing a grey tank top and a pendant necklace.]


The Equality Network is a leading national charity working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality and human rights in Scotland.


[Image description: a picture of the Equality Network logo, a blue and green letter ‘e’ and ‘Equality Network’ in purple writing.]