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These are the things that we have covered during the OER:

  1. The potential of EdTech for the future of education.
  2. Aspects of EdTech that can help to stop climate change.
  3. Factors of EdTech that negatively influence climate change.
  4. Critical evaluation of the relationship between the future of EdTech and climate change.
  5. Critical evaluation of the factors that are part of the relationship between EdTech and climate change: transportation, university campuses, personalized learning, data centres, excessive usage of technology, and being coevolutionary partners.


EdTech offers exciting opportunities for education in general. However, universities should critically assess its usage concerning climate change.

We hope that this OER has helped you better understand the relationship between EdTech and climate change in universities and how to assess the influence of EdTech in your educational setting. We hope that each time you will use EdTech in your educational environment, you will be able to critically evaluate the implication of EdTech on climate change.


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