Template for proposal submission

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Online proposal submissions follow this format:

  • Proposal main body (< 800 words in total):
    • Statement of background in X (first discipline, e.g., Anthropology)
    • Statment of background in Y (second discipline, e.g., Performance science)
    • Aims (this should be the shortest section)
    • Main contribution (this should be the longest section)
    • Implications for musicological interdisciplinarity (What does the contribution reveal or suggest for future work in/across the background disciplines?)
    • References
  • Submission details:
    • Title and names and affiliations of the contributor(s)
    • Proposed delivery format: regular paper, video flash-talk, roundtable

Online submission is now closed. 

NB: Please retain a copy of your proposal after you submit. Look for button > Print or get PDF of answers

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