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Proposal submission is now closed. 

  • Notification of acceptance – February 2022
  • Registration opens – March 2022 [Registration]
  • Participation online, or present in-person at regional Edinburgh, UK hub [Venues – Hubs]

The Society for Interdisciplinary Musicology (SIM) exists to foster dialogue between the sciences and humanities, emphasising the need for cross-disciplinary reflection. [About CIM]

To support this aim, submissions to CIM must explicitly address the conference theme, ‘Participation’, and each submission must bring together two defined approaches.  E.g: Historical musicology / Neuroscience, or  Anthropology / Empirical psychology, or  Music therapy/ Data science.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Empirical performance research on co-ordination, joint action etc
  • Community music/applied research as sites of musical participation
  • Music cognition including enactive perspectives (e.g. participatory sense-making)
  • Historical contexts for (and critiques of) musical participation
  • Critical music pedagogy and curricular renewal in related areas
  • Participation as methodology, including ethnographic vs participant observation
  • Media, virtuality, and participation

Delivery formats include: Paper presentation (20 + 10 mins for presentation + questions); Video flashtalks (pre-recorded, 7 mins max); Roundtable (contribution + panel discussion)

If accepted – and dependent on restrictions at the time of the conference – participants may choose to present at a hub (Edinburgh), or they may choose to present remotely.  We encourage participants to avoid flying and choose between surface travel or remote presentation.

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