Runner Up for the 2022 Sloan Prize

Heather Dunnett is a queer Aberdonian poet currently working towards her MSc in Creative Writing (Poetry) at Edinburgh University. She has lived in Edinburgh for the past five years and writing poetry in the dialect of her hometown is one way she stays connected to the people and place she loves.

Connect with Heather

Twitter: @hidunnett

Instagram: @hidunnett

let mi spik

och michity mi, noo let mi spik

in ma mither tongue:

roll ma rs, a drop o the vowels –

even fen they say ae spik falsely,

tha’ this isnae ma mither tongue,

nit hoo ae actually spik,

ae dinnae bid em nae min,

just tell em in mi granite tongue, to go awa

an bile their heids.

fur the North sea flows in ma veins,

rivers Dee an Don ma beating lungs,

ma hame roars its name in ma chest –

fa are you tae deny ma tongue

the chance tae reconnect tae ma hame?

fur awa fae the toon tha’ built ma soul,

fur ae af granite bones

mither’s dother, quine of the Silver City Blues,

fen ae spik wi tha’ ‘donian tongue please ken

that this is hoo ae find hame in a hameless home