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Sloan Prize


The Immortality of a Crab – Declan Kelly

Runners Up

1st Runner Up – The Unfurled Teeger – Edward McLaren

2nd Runner Up – Stanes – Suzy Enoch

3rdRunner Up – The Sound o Hame – Meghan Link

Grierson Verse Prize


Single Track Road – Rachel Rankin

Runners Up

1st Runner Up – Lessons – Kate Genevieve

2nd Runner Up – The Future is a Dying Dog – Malika McKenney

3rd Runner Up – Breeding Fires – Alice Eaves

Short List

Para Abuela AmparoOlivia Calderón

A future is both the prevention and progression of death – Alyson Kissner

The bodies on the hill – Oona Mackinnon-Hoban

Long List

You are my future but I am not yours – Meira Bradley

The Mudlark – Isabelle Hodgson

First attempt at a new poem for the future – Tom Mcmillan

So young am I that I cannot know – Katie O’Connor

Solutions – Kinslee Sikes

Lewis Edwards Memorial Prize


Georgie – Pollyanna Jackson

Runners Up

1st Runner Up – Four – Rosie Gandon

2nd Runner Up – Bear Hunt – Devki Panchmatia

3rd Runner Up – Collecting Dust – Holly Sargent

Short List

Apricot Stone – Haig Lucas

Sewing – Molly Reed

Flightless – Armaan Verma

Long List

Tabula Rasa – James Blackthorne

His Name Was Leon – Damien Caldwell

Nails – Maya Engwell

The Ghost Period – Ailsa Fraser

La Costurera/The Seamstress – Flora Leask Arizpe

Blood Vignette – Marisa Lee

Sacred and Profane – Sonya Macdonald

Pinprick – Scarlett Smyth

Portrait of the Chemist as a Boy – Cal Sutherland