The work of the winners and runners up are shared on the main page of this site. 

Sloan Prize


The tale of how Evan Evans scrapped wi Evan Nichols – Jo Higgs

Runners Up

1st Runner Up – Three Sangs o Derkness an Licht – Dorothy Lawrenson

2nd Runner Up – let mi spik – Heather Dunnett

3rd Runner Up – To Live and Die Out Your Nugget – Declan Kelly

Grierson Verse Prize


What You Wish For – Olivia Thomakos

Runners Up

1st Runner Up – Putting it this way – Beth Grainger

2nd Runner Up – Some Time Afterwards – Carl Alexandersson

3rd Runner Up – She Will – Tim Tim Cheng

Short List

To the Mountain – Malika McKenney

Struggling – Shelby Shumacher

Husband – Ben Underhill

Long List

Pink Flower – Chiara Toone

Haiku Sequence – Jemma Jenkins-Ferrett

Menhirs – Georgia Bennett

Growing Fragile – Sarah Dukic

Lewis Edwards Memorial Prize


Hills of Basalt – Armaan

Runners Up

1st Runner Up – Semiotics – Hattie Atkins

2nd Runner Up – Fengxian – Siru

3rd Runner Up – Augurs Alone – Ailsa Fraser

Short List

Absence – Marguerite Fox

Friday, 7th January (and Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th, Monday 10th, etc) – Jemma Jenkins-Ferrett

In my mind’s eye – Marisa Lee

Us or Self-reflection in a Sink – Magnus McDowall

Therapy – Devki Panchmatia

Long List

Terracotta Rose – Flora Leask

A Pistachio Croissant – Jack Miller-Smith

Of All the People – Grace Murray

Diego – Scarlett Smyth

Children of the Internet –  Sebastian Szapary 

Times That Were and Weren’t, Are and Aren’t – James Ternent

Generational Trauma – Brianna Zapata