Women in Red Walkthrough Guide: From wide-eyed novice to trainer

This site is designed to accompany the Women in Red series of Wikipedia edit-a-thon events run by the University of Edinburgh.

It covers the key information you need to know and will help you complete micro-tasks to help improve the knowledge available online about notable women (or any topic!) as well as how to get started preparing for an edit-a-thon of your own.

Now let’s cover the tasks you’ll need to complete before arriving at the Women in Red event on the next page.

  1. Why Women in Red?
  2. Women in Red editathons: What have you gotten yourself into?
  3. Before we start – switch on that Visual Editor!
  4. Create your user page – say hello!
  5. Essentials; Manual of Style and Reliable Sourcing
  6. Cracking on with editing
  7. Citations, Links & Images
  8. Resources
  9. Running your editathon

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