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Student Stories

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Why I chose a Joint Honours Degree: Combining my passions…

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…by Sophia / from the UK / studying History and Economics (MA)

One of the most challenging dilemmas many prospective university students face is deciding which subject to study. When I began my university application journey I faced this dilemma. I had studied varied subjects during 6th form had two distinct subjects that fascinated me greatly, History and Economics. On one hand, history interested me because it offers rich narratives, diverse cultures, and profound lessons from the past, helping us understand the complexities of human civilisation and the forces that have shaped our world. However, economics also captivated me with its analysis of how societies function and the impact of financial systems on our daily lives. Faced with the challenge of choosing between these two compelling fields, I found the perfect solution: pursuing a joint honours degree in History and Economics.

This decision has allowed me to explore both passions in depth, providing a comprehensive and enriching academic experience. In this blog post I will share some of the benefits of pursuing a joint honours degree and highlight why I think the decision to study two very different subjects offers unique opportunities for growth and learning.

1) Interdisciplinary Learning: Embracing the Intersection

One of the most significant benefits of pursuing a joint honours degree is the opportunity for interdisciplinary learning. By studying two distinct subjects simultaneously, I’ve had the chance to explore the intersection of history and economics, gaining insights into how these disciplines inform and complement each other. This interdisciplinary approach has enriched my understanding of complex issues, allowing me to analyse historical events through an economic lens and vice versa.

2) Flexibility: Tailoring My Degree

Another advantage of studying a joint honours degree is the flexibility it offers. Rather than being confined to a single field of study, I’ve had the freedom to tailor my degree to my interests and career aspirations. Wether exploring the impact of the economy on the environment and the formation of cities or exploring culture and the arts in 1960s Scotland, I’ve been able to explore diverse topics that captivate my curiosity and shape my academic journey. Additionally it gave me choice with my dissertation as I could do a history, economics, or economic history dissertation, further highlighting the flexibility of some joint honours degrees.

3) Diverse Skill Development: Fostering Versatility and Adaptability

My journey studying two distinct subjects simultaneously has given me a wide range of skills that are valuable in today’s job market. From honing analytical thinking and research abilities in history to refining communication and problem-solving skills in economics, I have developed a more versatile skill set. Additionally, by balancing the demands of two distinct subjects, I’ve honed my time management, organisation, and prioritisation skills, preparing me for life after my studies.

4) Networking Opportunities: Building Connection Across Disciplines

Engaging with faculty members, peers, and professionals from two different disciplines has provided me with invaluable networking opportunities. By building connections within two different schools at the University I have gained access to diverse perspectives, resources, and mentorship opportunities, enriching my academic experience and expanding my professional horizons. Whether collaborating on projects or participating in extracurricular activities, these networking opportunities have expanded my network and enhanced my overall university experience.

In conclusion, pursuing a joint honours degree in History and Economics has been a rewarding journey that has allowed me to combine my passions and develop a versatile skill set. From interdisciplinary learning to flexible tailoring of my education, this experience has prepared me for success in both academic and professional pursuits. Through networking opportunities and diverse skill development, I’ve enhanced my overall university experience and look forward to applying what I’ve learned in the future. If you would like to ask any questions about studying a joint honour degree please end me a message on Unibuddy and I would be more than happy to answer!

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