Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Sophie and I’m here to talk about all things solid Earth geophysics. As well as documenting exciting travels with fieldwork and conferences, I’ll be writing about geology based pieces that make the news and a bit of insight into the day to day life of being a PhD researcher.

I’m currently in the fourth year of my PhD at the University of Edinburgh, where I’m studying volcanic seismology. Broadly speaking, I’m trying to understand how the tiny earthquakes generated by active volcanoes, can give us more insight into eruptive processes. I work closely with the Instituto Geofísico in Quito, Ecuador and a lot of my research in the first couple of years has focused on Tungurahua Volcano. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Ecuador twice in 2018 on research visits. The headline photo here is from the looking over to Tungurahua from high above the town of Baños.