We host and take part in numerous events as part of our research and development work. Some recent sxamples include:

  • Scottish Government Research Seminar (June 2023) by Professor Do Coyle, presenting on Lessons learned and quickly forgotten: the role of spaces in pedagogic thinking and its impact on the achievement, health and well-being of learners and teachers.
  • University of Edinburgh’s Learning and Teaching conferences (annual)
  • Scottish Educational Research Association conference (2023)
  • Learning Places Scotland conference (2021, 2022)

Regional Skills Pilot Final Event (June 2021)

The final event of this pilot project was held on Microsoft Teams at the end of June. It was attended by Responsible Activists (school pupils) and Agile Consultants (College students), Mentors from both schools and the University of Edinburgh and Fife College, and by external stakeholders from Fife Council and Scottish Futures Trust.

Each group of Responsible Activists from the two schools presented their final learning space designs and took questions from the wider audience about their experience of the project and reasons behind the learning spaces they had created.

You can access the full report and summary of the pilot project on our Research pages. A video of the final event is below.

Learning and Teaching Conference (June 2021)

A video of experts discussing the impact of space and environment on learning, which was developed as part of the SLS workshop at the University of Edinburgh’s Learning and Teaching Conference in June 2021.

Shared Learning Spaces Online Workshop

We held a series online interactive workshop sessions for student teachers in April and May 2020. The sessions covered topics such as agile learning spaces, spatial literacies and pedagogies, new and emerging technology for shared learning, and school gardens as shared spaces. 

Watch Day 1 of the Workshop (Agile Learning; Spatial Literacies) here.



Watch Day 2 of the Workshop (New and Emerging Technology; School Garden Spaces) here.




If you would like to be kept informed of our upcoming events, please contact us.