Monday, 15 April 2024

14.00-15.00 BST – Zoom Webinar  (Register via Eventbrite here)

Historical Military Heritage: protocols for conservation, management and sustainable reuse

Nowadays, historical defence heritage is a complex and dynamic built reality, characterised by a significant cultural value, a wide typological heterogeneity, as well as a high degree of technical specialization, high security standards, with both a centralized and distributed management. Thus, this heritage requires a challenging administration in consideration of its complexity and significance. Starting from the state-of- the-art on this topic, the presentation illustrates a governance protocol for the historic military infrastructure heritage that identifies military functional taxonomies and compares them with technical, functional and performance indicators of the properties, providing support to maintenance processes, strategic planning of restoration, redevelopment interventions and sustainable reuse. This is achieved thanks to the use of predictive models integrated in an ‘intelligent’ HBIM able of collecting information and certifying in blockchain not only document flows but also processes and performance. The research, characterised by a high dual impact in the protocols for monitoring and managing the ‘life cycle’ of historic military architectural heritage, can easily find application in all branches of the Public Administration, to make ‘conscious’ choices of efficient use and enhancement of infrastructural resources of cultural interest assigned to them.

Elisa Pilia:

Elisa Pilia is assistant professor in the field of Restauration at the Department of Civil-Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Cagliari. She is Conservator of Architectural and Environmental Heritage, PhD in Civil Engineering and Architecture (in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh – Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies), and Specialist in Architectural and Landscape Heritage (University of Naples Federico II). Also, she is author of publications on the protection, conservation, and enhancement of the historical-architectural heritage, with particular attention to heritage in the state of ruination, the restoration of archaeological monuments and the reuse of military complexes, both nationally and internationally.