This week we considered public programmes.

Case Studies—FACT

This week I discussed public programs with the group using FACT as an example.

The website provides exhibition space for artists and professionals; the exhibition space is the most central part, which provides artists with the opportunity to present their work. And it also with activities such as studio socials and workshops,  provides a space for artists to learn from each other, inspire each other, and enable them to exchange creative ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The activities include studio social, workshops, lectures, and some special events like educator’s events.

Arts organisations often seek support from various sponsoring organisations. I found their sponsoring organizations, Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council, and Culture Liverpool, at the bottom of the page. In the case of Arts Council England, clicking on the page allows you to apply for funding for the event.

To further enhance interaction with the target audience of support, we plan to expand and improve our existing programes. For example, to better meet the needs of these professionals, arts organisations could offer a range of specialist courses. An online forum will be set up so that people who participate in the programe at different times can have discussions in the same space.

It can be weekly or monthly, depending on the needs of the sponsor or learner. It could also be an online format so that those who miss the event can access the parts they are interested in online.