Case Studies—FACT

This week I discussed public programs with the group using FACT as an example.

The website offers a platform for artists and professionals to showcase their work, with the exhibition space being the focal point for artists to promote their creations. In addition, the establishment offers various events such as studio socials and workshops, creating an environment where artists may engage in mutual learning, inspire one another, and discuss innovative ideas in a casual setting. The activities encompass studio socials, seminars, talks, and select special events such as educator’s events.

Arts organizations frequently solicit assistance from many sponsoring entities. At the bottom of the page, I discovered that Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council, and Culture Liverpool are the sponsoring organizations. By accessing the Arts Council England webpage, you can submit an application to secure funding for the event.

The website of FACT

Individual Progress

In order to boost connection with our target audience of support, I intend to expand and enhance our current programs. Arts groups should enhance their ability to cater to the demands of these individuals by providing a variety of specialized courses. A digital platform will be established to facilitate synchronous talks among those who engage in the program at varying intervals.

The frequency of the sessions might vary between weekly or monthly, based on the preferences and requirements of the sponsor or learner. Alternatively, an online structure may be implemented to allow individuals who were unable to attend the event to access specific sections of their interest over the internet.

During this week, I conceived and produced the poster for The Food Funeral show. I utilized the midjourney tool to create the food and tombstone styles, which were then imported into Photoshop for editing purposes. In Photoshop, I added the sky, the lettering on the gravestone, and adjusted the color tones of the image. Lastly, I incorporated the text to finalize the design of a comprehensive poster.

Being redesigned using PS

Final Style