The important attitude: the research for desire

Confronting decolonisation for the ECF class assignment, I’ve started to consider adopting the research for desire described in an open letter, “Suspending Damage: A Letter to Communities”(Tuck, 2009), in my final project.

After reading it, I became aware that the seemingly righteous attitude, ‘We will first research the problematic status to improve society.’ can damage and make the subject a fixed entity as a problem. In the last semester, I asked my friends to help me implement my research about their political attitudes. Was my investigation polite enough to my subjects? I worried that I somehow reinforced them as typical Japanese citizens who were apathetic toward politics.

My final project must deal with the negative aspects of Japanese society. Furthermore, I may ask people to raise their voices through interviews or other means. I’ve decided to conduct my project considering the impact on the people involved while facing the severe aspects.

Tuck, E. (2009). Suspending Damage: A Letter to Communities. Harvard Educational Review, 79(3), 409–428.

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