Sustainable Interior Design in the Arvo Pärt Centre


As I research deeper into sustainable examples, the knowledge I as an interior designer gain will become an invaluable asset for shaping a greener future, mirroring the growing trend in interior design to embrace environmentally friendly principles over wasteful practices. There is evidence of this transition in structures such as the Arvo Pärt Centre, which was designed from the beginning to be sustainable.

Sustainability in global interior design aims to achieve two things: (1) a balance between architectural manifestation and the environment; and (2) a design that is long-lasting so that future generations will be able to use it without interruption (Jones, 2008). A design plan that incorporates nature can facilitate coexistence. According to Cheney (2019), the Arvo Pärt Center is situated within the Nordic Forest landscape. By taking advantage of the floor-to-ceiling glass, the structure co-exists harmoniously with the trees in the background, which would normally be cleared in a standard design configuration. In this way, the interior ambiance is enhanced with an experience of nature. Floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces in the Arvo Part Centre are covered with white oak veneer. Veneer made from white oak is an excellent choice for longevity. It is a rot-resistant driven design (The Wood Database, n.d.).

Green buildings are concerned with energy consumption. By implementing reimbursement programs within the national grid, contemporary infrastructure has encouraged energy production (n.d., 2011). Solar power buildings save power and reduce. Photographic evidence from each facility does not show solar panel implementation. However, interior facilities feature a floor-to-ceiling design of glass exterior to allow sunlight to illuminate the internal sections around the edges of the architecture. In the Arvo Parti design, the floor-to-ceiling design is complemented by a roof overhang that limits excess heat insulation in hot weather (Cheney, 2019). A wooden wall panel serves not only as an aesthetic element for the occupants but also as a natural insulation for the interior. Therefore, there will be no need to consume energy on technologically powered air conditioning efforts. In addition to serving as doors, the glass panels serve as temperature regulators and reduce the need for electrically powered air conditioning. Skylights were also incorporated into the interior design. Skylights have a consistent shape and design. As part of the facility’s forest background, the interior architect incorporated the pentagon shape of leaves into the roof.

Green buildings referr to as being eco-friendly from the beginning. Hrivnak (2007) indeed argues that such buildings usually perform better than conventional buildings. He also emphasizes that a truly green building goes beyond simply planting trees – it involves making intelligent decisions that everyone can agree upon. The Arvo Pärt Center is often cited as an example of this type of smart, environmentally friendly design. Interior design projects struggle to achieve this level when the budget is limited. Despite these concerns, the Arvo Pärt Centre is a testament to sustainable interior design. With its locally sourced materials and utilization of recycled furniture, it showcases how design can be both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.


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