I would like my work throughout the year to be based on a theme of dreams. I have named it ‘The Wishbone Garden’, which is about love, fragility and the beauty of death. I would like to explore the relationship between body and spirit in a surreal way and hope to create a series of works to form a world of dreams which can be felt and touched by the audiences. (try to create a connection)

Professional skills.
I hope that my elective ‘digital craft’ will be able to lead me to learn 3d modelling software such as blender. I love crafting, I’m good at working with materials and making but I’m terribly bad at software, and I hope to acquire more modern skills this term.


Technical/creative skills.
I am working on pyrography skills, which is the burning of wood to draw patterns.

At the same time I want to work with various media to convey soft emotions (or textures).

In the last term, I did a series of illustrations using pastels and I will continue to explore this technique, while I am very interested in ceramics and this term’s elective gives me the opportunity to work with the medium of glass, which I hope to combine to make interesting work.

In terms of creating, I always want my works to be something that conveys emotion and can be able to become a series.
This year I need to do more thinking about my career, at the moment, I would really like to freelance in illustrative crafts and tattooing, so I will be trying to add some thought to my painting that is suitable for tattooing flash, trying to save up some patterns and practising handpoke. (ahhh! So many things to do)





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