About the Artist

Fiona is Scottish and Danish but grew up in Kenya. She is currently studying a Masters of Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh, a five-year dual honors degree in History of Art and studio practice. Before this Fiona did a foundation in Fine art at Leith School of Art.

Fiona’s practice is ever-changing, heavily inspired by the cultures she exists within. Fiona’s current interests lie in depicting colorful dream-like spaces, treating these as insights into her thinking.

”I paint things that couldn’t exist in reality but within my existence they do”


Recently I have been delving into more intermedia work, especially looking at textiles, this image is from a body of work I produced during the lockdown in my garden in Kenya. working with textiles and space I had available. https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/s1966669_art-practice-2-2020-2021yr/in-connection/