‘Pretending to be the grandson’ ‘装孙子’&’Family’

‘ Pretending be a grandson’ has another meaning in Chinese. It describes that someone is acting like a coward.

‘Pretending To Be The Grandson’ I

118 X 96 CM Oil Pastel,Collage

‘ My grandmother always want a grandson, so I choose to pretend to be her grandson. I failed, and I become a coward.’


‘Pretending To Be The Grandson’ II

118 X 96 CM Oil Pastel,Collage

‘Pretending To Be The Grandson’III

118 X 78 CM Oil Pastel,Collage

‘Family’ I

50 X 80 CM Oil Pastel, Collage

‘Family’ II

130 X 60 CM Oil Pastel, Collage

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