The illusion

When we paint the moon, we always depict it as soft yellow, but in fact the moon is gray and pitted on the surface, so I use the moon as a metaphor to reflect the relationship between reality and fantasy in the matter of art and literature.

The painting is aiming to represent that how the reality and imagination have been conflicted together. Although the gentle yellowish moon that people generally love is not the face of the real moon, the fantasy is fluid. This kind of infinite imagination creates beauty and makes the moon the subject of many artists’ depictions.

Project ‘The Mountain, The People’









This project still used the idea from semester 1, which is comparing stress to a mountain, and myself, surrounded by people and anxiety, finally became the mountain itself. The previous works did not show the image of “people” very well. After communicating with my classmates, I found that the audience’s first reaction was that I was simply depicting mountains, so I didn’t want to give up this theme, and decided to use different techniques and media to develop and represent it. In addition to using green to represent the original colour of the mountain, I also used dark maroon, dense and messy lines to show my anxiety and emotion.


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