Third year – Second semester

This semester I am focusing on creating fan art, digital portraits, large painting and 3d environments for my animation/presentation.

Here are some examples o my work in progress:

The first three screenshots are portraits first one is mainly about pink hair, found an image on the internet and wanted to just experiment with making a simple illustration in Illustrator. They are not finished yet that is why I used just screenshots instead of exported images. The second one is in Photoshop and it is a portrait of singer-songwriter Ashnikko. The third one is an illustration of my favourite character from a video game called Valorant, the character is called Killjoy and she is a genius obsessed with technology and bots.

The last four images are screenshots from Blender where I am working on creating natural environments for my animation/presentation.

More 3D work in progress

These pictures are rendered images from my 3d animations. The first four images are based on youtube tutorials for Blender of loop animations. The aim was to create environments where I can exhibit my paintings and those loop animations should be in between passing from one environment to another as a portal.

The last five images are screenshots form Blender and here is the final video:

The feedback from multiple sources is that it is too fast, not very clear unnecessarily too many environments and things to focus on. In the second semester, I am planning to create something similar but in more of a natural/garden-like environments with a slower pace and more clear. I created the sounds for this animation as well.