Artist Research

Julie Cockburn

Samples of Julie Cockburn’s embroidered and collaged photographs from The Photographers Gallery.

I enjoyed attending a webinar held by The Photographers Gallery – the discussion talked about selected works in detail. Her adaptation of found imagery connects to the past in a contemporary manner. Her alternate version of the imagery is playful and somewhat entertaining – which gives a new vision on narrative. Julie Cockburn | Jester 1 (2020) | Artsy


Man Ray

Man Ray’s ‘Rayographs’ is a great depiction of the photogram darkroom process – his work uses surrealism to document his visions. He arranges objects and materials across the light-sensitive paper to create this silhouette imagery. The absence of detail allows the mind to wander and detach from the object’s original purpose, we as the viewer may not be able to recognise the original object, however, it allows our imagination to run wild and step into Man Ray’s visions.