Nicole _ Wenchu I, 2019. Photography EzekielCharlotte, 2019​. Photography Ezekiel.Polly from above, 2020. Photography Ezekiel Wenchu, 2019. Photography Nicole Ngai Lilli Cover I, 2020​. Photography Nicole​ Ngai.

Louise Zhang





Motivated by the effect COVID-19 had upon the internet generation, I have been examining and considering this effect on sexual frenzy and desire in a time when freedom has been greatly limited. The fantasy of porn invites a universe of subconscious wants and needs, pain and pleasure, aided by the magical thoughts that can come to you when you’re sleeping. 

Swiping that seems to go on for an eternity, the objectification of one’s own body in the name of gratification and dopamine rushes. Exploring the escapism of lockdown. I suppose my work lingers in the space between anxiety regarding the current state of the world, and a future place of not giving a single fuck. I leech onto moments of euphoria like leeches to blood. Based on the restrictions of numbers of people in households in Scotland and access to facilities within the art college, I developed a sense of the multiple form by superimposing clones rather than using multiple models. 

For the stretch of time that we were in quarantine, we were ‘perceived’ by others on a minimal scale compared to before. Escapism and passion are central themes to my work. What monsters do we become when we are no longer perceived? What mental realms do we return to, as bodies in the purest sense? Juxtaposing this with the cyberspace we existed on, internet information bombarding the mind. 

Coming of age, Torture Garden, Claude Cahun, fetish, body horror, tacky horror films, Carrie Bradshaw’s slinky skirts, Barbie princess, “I’d like to keep it on please” masks, cordula reyer by steven meisel for vogue italia august 1988