I tried using oil pastels on acrylic again and it helped to make me feel a little more creative. The edge of the frame kept creating lines like a border around the edge, i didn’t really like this and i didn’t have this when i worked on canvas boards after this.


I tried experimenting more with these tiny paintings but i quickly got bored of them. I think i’ll still continue working with them and try smaller groupings.


I huge motivation block and i really needed a task to refresh my brain. Making these tiny painting from my sketchbook really helped and i enjoyed doing them a lot. It was also nice to play around with displaying work as that was something i really struggled with last semester.


This artist i found recently really reminds me of my work from last semester with maps, specifically my watercolour map. I had no idea about this artist when i painted this so that’s a crazy coincidence. (My painting below)

Sarah Hughes

I found Sarah Hughes’ work from a youtube video. A London based writer was listing her 4 favourite artists, Sarah Hughes included. I quite enjoy her crazy use of colour and her botanical subject really makes me want to get back to my roots of botanical illustrations.


early layers

I always hate the early stages of a painting. It takes a lot for me to remember to be patient and think that Rome wasn’t built in a day. This layer I hated, especially the top left corner, the colours just felt all wrong. I waited and continued painting and it got better 🙂

I tried experimenting with physical layers on tissue paper (i meant to buy tracing paper but they scammed me) and it works okay. The experiments i did with marker pens lacked the delicacy i loved with my sketchbook drawing. I then did more drawing bringing back the delicacy.