Vibe Check: Pseudoscience/ Neural oscillations/ Frequencies

Vibe check. Have you checked your vibe? Your vibe might be off.

(EEG showing electrical activity in the brain during different states)

I’m putting this under pseudoscience because if I research it too much I will simply take the magic away from this theory. But I still believe there is relevance in theory, given science is always updating and correcting its self.

Neural oscillations are the repetitive or rhymic firing of neurons. This process emits a subtle frequency/ electromagnetic waves outside of the brain. One example of measuring this frequency is using Electroencephalography (EEG).

Everything in life is said to have a vibration/frequency (Albert Einstein). Earth has oscillations too, and runs at certain frequencies, like us. Where we sit on our frequency range is determined by the thoughts and emotions we are feeling at that time (whatever is firing through the neurons). For example, Joy, Love, and Peace run on higher expansive frequencies than Grief, Anger, and Guilt which are lower contracted frequencies. We are also constantly interacting with the frequencies of our surroundings.

So according to science, or at the bare minimum pseudoscience, feeling like the vibe is off with a particular person, place, or thing, feels like a valid reason to me. Equally, you may vibe really well with something, maybe the frequencies complement each other.

This knowledge/theory can also be seen depicted throughout art history and cultures in the form of auras, halos, chakras, energies, etc. Additionally, this theory forms the basis of what I am exploring in my practice: the space between the figurative body and its physical surroundings

My conclusion is, the vibe is off,  is a great basis for decisions, trust that gut.

some references:

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Understanding Emotions




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