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Email interview with Grandma Craddock

After emailing a picture of my masked creatures to my Grandma she replied with some questions that perhaps other people would like to know the answers to (more will be revealed in my film) : 

  1. Have they been given names? 

The creatures have biblical names taken from Genesis 38 a story all about the human capacity to sin. Their names are Tamar, Er, Judah, Onan, Pascal the goat and Craig the scapegoat.  

  1. Do they live in the forest and if so, what do they eat? 

I think they are at home in nature, the forest especially brings shelter and safety. As for what they eat I imagine they forage the forest for berry’s moss, liken but they are partial to the odd snickers bar from one of the corner shops at the edge of the Pentland hills. 

  1. Have they landed from another planet? 

No, they are very much creatures of the earth, grown out of my almost-human drawings. They are iconographic representations of human behaviour. 

  1. Are they spending Christmas in Scotland? 

Yes, unfortunately I don’t think they can fit with me on the train back to Leeds so they will have to make their own fun in my room in Polwarth 🙂