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Artists, first hand sketches and literally anything from the world that has influenced my work.

Fischli and Weiss- Suddenly this Overview

Another of Fischli and Weiss’s works “Suddenly This Overview,”  was a series made over 30 years of humble, unfired clay sculptures depicting, in encyclopedic fashion, hundreds of scenes from history and culture, both significant (“The First Potatoes Arrive in Europe”) and mundanely silly (“Mr. and Mrs. Einstein Shortly After the Conception of Their Son, the Genius Albert.”) 

“There are good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods that they can get into, you see,” he explained. “The bad neighborhoods are where they go and try to create too much meaning. Very sneaky! You always have to be on guard.” – Mr. Fischli  

Fischli and Weiss- The Least Resistance


Fischli and Weiss’s 1979 film ‘The Least Resistance’ the artist duo bought shabby animal costumes from a film supply shop and wandered around sunny Los Angeles trying to make it rich in the art world and failingMs. Spector in The New York Times described Rat and Bear as a kind of alter-ego template that guided Mr. Fischli and Mr. Weiss through their career. “I think with the dynamic of two people it’s often: ‘Can we do this crazy thing? Why don’t we try it?’” she said. “I always imagined there was a lot of laughter and a lot of talking and scheming together.” 

Artist research- Monster Chetwynd

Monster Chetwynd is an artist who works in many different mediums including performance, costume and instillation building. She Is quoted as saying her work is ‘impatiently made’, I like this quality of her work, the inaccurate and child-like way of creating is almost more wholesome and fun. I think it’s similar to my practice, getting inspired by everything from TV to nature to historic events (basically anything) and wanting to realize the ideas quickly, often using cheap and found material.  

Jesse Darling’s exhibition: Ballad of st. Jerome


Tate Britain.
Art Now: September 2018.

This is an exhibition I saw at Tate Britain a few years ago it was based around the story of st Jerome, a Christian scholar who translated the bible from Hebrew and Greek to Latin. Using this narrative to talk about identity, gender, sexuality, love and companionship Jesse Darling makes creatures and scenes out of found materials

Flat crit!

Every Friday me and my flat mates Gemma, Gabriel and Maria have been getting together to talk about what we have done that week, share research and give feedback about each other’s work. It has been very helpful so far and brought to light artists I hadn’t heard of before that relate to my practice. I feel very lucky to have fellow art students around me that inspire me! 

Artist- Ron Nagle

3.5 x 4 x 4.5

5.5w x 6h x 3.5d

San Fransisco based artist Ron Nagle makes small scale ceramic works that seem to me like little otherworldly landscapes or sci-fi sets. Nagle often refers to his works as ‘visual jokes’ and gives the work humorous titles (although he says the title has no relation to understanding the content of the work). When I see Nagle’s sculptures, I think I can see that he is having fun, although ceramics involves lots of skill, concentration and some frustration, I see his work as playing with form, texture and words. I like how he has stuck to almost the same scale and format and see how much he can take the form into other directions.