Alludes to the conspiracy, false narratives, speculation in media relating the the lives of queer, non-binary and trans people. Which is also notable in the cases of missing people.

Life of Angel exploration

Thinking of what she would have done before her disappearance, thinking about Easter egg small images that could hint at the context of her life. These kinds of images wouldn’t be focal images.

Dating Images

I have experimented with the editing of images, turning them black and white and then trying to colourise them again digitally in hopes of making the images appear more dated. As the character is largely inspired by the representation of women in Golden Age films (from around 1950-1970) and follows a similar path in regards to tragic beauty, I thought this process would be fitting. Although this hair makes the image look more like it is from the 60’s, when coloured film was widely accessible, I still think this it was an interesting process experiment with and to document.

Original Image.

Edited Image.



Mary Quant Exhibition at Dovecot Gallery

-60s turning point for fashion, in time with feminist movement, much more expression through clothes

-following sexists ads of 60s (whilst still enduring much sexism) women were more free to express themselves through these means

interest in the way exhibition displayed, with prints/art alongside furniture and textiles/garments.

displayed in sets of domestic interiors in the time period women were breaking away from domesticated housewife role, plays on ideas of gender as a performance, which I think drag makes fun of the invisible boundaries of gender expression.

Presentation of Work Concept

Displaying work in a crime investigation wall.