Susan Collis: The marks of crafting

Susan Collis creates these casual sculptural arrangements which look like everyday objects, empowered by the actions that they represent. A stained chair, a tiny screw in the wall, a boiler suit hanged on the wall. Elements you would normally find in a workshop space, are displayed as majestic objects, because they represent the wonders of crafting and DIY. On the other hand, the artist emancipates her audience, by producing subtle, humble works. The audience has the option of become interested by the work, or just ignore it, it is not visually intruding, but perhaps this characteristic contributes to the dreamy qualities of her work.

When we loved you best
By the way
Oversight, Black diamonds, garnets, amethysts, sapphires, rubies, silver, gold, turquoise, and smoky quartz, dimensions variable.

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