First of all, thank you for taking the time to find and read my blog!

I’m Rebecca and I work in the Educational Design and Engagement department within the University of Edinburgh. Originally I trained as a primary school teacher which took me for a whirlwind trip to Munich in 2019 to teach before returning back to my beloved home of Scotland. During my time in class I started seeing A LOT of unused potential in Educational Technology. Many excellent teachers were often pushing technology away into a dark corner and forgetting about it rather than embracing it and so I decided to go in the opposite direction and fully embrace it… which brings us back to my current role at the University!

The main aim of this blog is to share some thoughts on Edtech, news and research while trying to create a (hopefully) interesting collection of personal and professional development discussion points and readings that have made me pause and wonder, smile, laugh or (potentially, but hopefully not) cry.


Enjoy reading and please feel free to comment your thoughts and feelings through comments or email!



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