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21st June 2024 | 5:00 PM – 8: 00 PM

Pop Up Play Cafe @ Athens, Greece,
Friday 21st June 2024

Pop-up play cafe @ Athens, Greece

The main objective of this pop up play cafe curation in Greece, Athens, is to create a welcoming, warm, inspiring, accessible, enriching, anti-discriminatory and anti-racist play and social environment for children and their families. An informal drop in, stay and play experience, free and open to all.





Kristina Konstantoni, Reyhaneh Mozzafar, Aggeliki Dimoulia Iffah Humaira, Vasiliki Bourdouvali, Eftychia Panagopoulou, Sofia Stathopoulou and Konstantina P.


25th May 2024 | 1:35 PM – 2:10 PM

Froebelian Futures Conference @ University of Edinburgh,
Saturday 25th May 2024 (9AM – 4PM)

Breakout Session: ‘The Play Cafe Project: Froebelian approaches in community and public/semi-public spaces”, Froebelian Futures Conference

Konstantoni, K.,  Mozaffar,R.,  Dimoulia, A., Eri Tantawi, I.H 2024,      


15th May 2024 | 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM

Froebelian Futures in conversation series with The Play Cafe project, the Early Years Research, Policy and Practice Group and Children and Young People Hub
(Online public webinar)

Webinar: Child-led and free play in Non-Governmental Organisations/ Third Sector & Community based initiatives: Opportunities & challenges

Children have a right to play not just in early learning and childcare provisions but also in everyday public life. The importance of child-led and free play, particularly within the early years, has been acknowledged at least in Scottish policy and practice rhetoric. However, the opportunities and challenges of child-led and free flow play are less understood in non-governmental organisations (NGOs), third sector and community based initiatives. Additionally, conceptions and experiences of play from the Global North are often universalising, receiving more attention than those from the Global South – effecting both global debates and how inclusive our public spaces are of different communities.

This webinar draws on our play cafe action and research related projects (Froebelian Futures and the Play Cafe project: what would Froebelian play cafes look like?) funded by the Froebel Trust to open up a critical dialogue about child-led and free play in public life and especially in non-governmental organisations/third sector and community based initiatives, critically reflecting from Global North and South contexts.


Konstantoni, K., Mozaffar, R., Play cafes and Froebelian approaches in community and public spaces

Dimoulia, A. and Mosxouri, I. Child-led initiatives in a community-based NGO: From theory to practice

“A Froebelian Futures in conversation with” event, in partnership with The Play Cafe Project/ The Early Years Research, Policy and Practice Group / The Children and Young People Hub – University of Edinburgh

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