Reading Groups

2 November 2023 Greene et al (2023) The visible body and the invisible organization: Information asymmetry and college athletics data

21 September 2023 Seibt (Forthcoming) Platform Organizations and Fields: Exploring the Influence of Field Conditions on Platformization Processes

15 June 2023 Goldenfein & McGuigan (2023) Managed Sovereigns: How Inconsistent Accounts of the Human Rationalize Platform Advertising

24 May 2023 Fourcade and Farrell (2023) The Moral Economy of High-Tech Modernism

23 March 2023 We have discussed technologies viewed from the perspective of companies, delivery drivers, and academics. This made us curious about tech workers’ take, and we selected: Dorschel (2022) Reconsidering digital labour: Bringing tech workers into the debate

2 March 2023 Previous articles we read looked different political and economic processes. We wanted to look more closely at the workers’ place in these entanglements, and read: Qadri and D’Ignazio (2022) Seeing like a driver: How workers repair, resist and reinforce the platform’s algorithmic visions

7 February 2023 After having read a few articles that were rather technical in focus, we thought it would be interesting to see what has been written about data politics and the data economy from a normative perspective, and chose to read: Dencik et al (2022) Data Justice (Introduction and a chapter of choice)

7 December 2022 This reading followed on the two readings about (hyper)scaling, which prompted questions about the business model behind this. We picked: Cooiman (2022) Imprinting the economy: The structural power of venture capital

16 November 2022 Narayan (2022) Platform capitalism and cloud infrastructure: Theorizing a hyper-scalable computing regime

19 October 2022 Pfotenhauer et al (2022) The politics of scaling