PGR Postgraduate research
PGT Postgraduate taught
CDT Centre for Doctoral Training. PGR/ PhD program with a more formal structure than a traditional PhD, usually including additional training and funding.


UoE University of Edinburgh
HW(U) Heriot-Watt University



SoM School of Mathematics (UoE)
MACS School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (HW, Not to be confused with MAC-MIGS!)

Grad School and related

Maxwell Institute Joint institute for mathematics and its applications set up by UoE and HW. Hosts seminars, research projects and a graduate school.
MIGS Maxwell Institute Graduate School. Large umbrella including all mathematics PGR (PhD and CDT) students from UoE and HW.
MAC-MIGS Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computation. CDT which is part of MIGS. Students are based at the Bayes centre for their first year before starting a PhD project with either UoE or HW.
MIGSAA Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and Its Applications. Older CDT which is part of MIGS.
GLaMS Glasgow-Maxwell School: PhD training centre in algebraic structures. Joint. New CDT-style course for pure maths, joint between Glasgow University and MIGS.


KB Kings Buildings. UoE campus in the south of the city, separate from the main/ central campus.
JCMB James Clerk Maxwell Building. Large building located at KB hosting (parts of) the (UoE) Schools of Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and Informatics, among others.
Bayes The Bayes Center. Sometimes referred to as ICMS. Next to Bristo Square on the central campus. Hosts facilities for the Maxwell Institute and ICMS, as well as other Schools, research groups and enterprises.

Other organisations

SMSTC Scottish Mathematical Sciences Training Centre. Joint programme across a number of Scottish universities offering courses for PGR students.
ICMS International Centre for Mathematical Sciences. Joint UoE-HW organisation based at the Bayes Centre alongside MIGS. Organises and hosts various research seminars, conferences and outreach events.
EMS Edinburgh Mathematical Society
LMS London Mathematical Society
SIAM Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
IMA Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
APTS Academy for PhD Training in Statistics. Organisation which runs PhD-level statistics courses.
NATCOR A National Taught Course Centre in Operational Research. Organisation which runs PhD-level courses in OR.

Student societies/ bodies:

PG Committee Postgraduate Research Committee, consisting of student PG Reps and the PG Colloquium Organiser (UoE)
EUSA Edinburgh University Students Association (UoE)
SIAM-IMA Student Chapter SIAM- and IMA-affiliated interdisciplinary PG student group organising social, academic and networking events
Piscopia Initiative Initiative founded by UoE mathematics PG students to encourage and assist women and non-binary people to apply for PhDs