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The Co-Workers of Windswept Overpeaks

The people of Windswept Overpeaks live quietly, content to be forgotten by time and the outside world, rarely speaking unless absolutely necessary. They are a gentle people of few words, but those few words often carry great weight and wisdom. ‘Whatever it is, you don’t have to handle it alone,’ the gentle people of Windswept Overpeaks say simply. ‘We’re all here for you.’

The special event at Windswept Overpeaks has officially begun, and the three co-workers must take their seats. As the conversation comes to a close, the lights dim and music starts to play. Baby Ruth feels a sense of relief, but also a great deal of apprehension. Baby Ruth has been holding onto a secret for so long, it feels like a part of her.

Baby Ruth: (to Butterfinger) Go open another one for yourself.

Butterfinger: Thanks, Baby Ruth. You sure you don’t want another?

Baby Ruth: Nahhhhh, I think I’m good. I’m smashed.

(O Henry! enters the Windswept Overpeaks event and sits next to Baby Ruth)

O Henry!: Baby Ruth, we need to talk.

Baby Ruth: (groans) Can’t this wait?

O Henry!: No, it can’t. You’ve been drinking every hour for the past week.

Baby Ruth: (defensive) So what? I am good at it.

O Henry!: That’s not the point. Why are you stopping now?

Baby Ruth: (scoffs) I’m not thirsty.

O Henry!: (frustrated) You know what I mean. I’m talking about all the stuff.

Baby Ruth: (angrily) You don’t know anything about all my stuff. It is none of your business.

O Henry!: (sadly) It is my business when you’re not drinking properly.

Baby Ruth: (shouting) Call me in the morning once it’s settled. I’ve already spoken at length. It’s all on you now.

(O Henry! looks at Baby Ruth, confused.)

O Henry!: What’s settled? What have you spoken at length about?

Baby Ruth: (defeated) Nothing. Just leave me alone.

(Alberta’s It Girl enters and sits on the chair right next to O Henry!)

Alberta’s It Girl: Hey, guys. What’s going on?

O Henry!: Baby Ruth’s been drinkin’ funny again.

Alberta’s It Girl : (sighs) Baby Ruth, we need to talk.

Baby Ruth: (sighs) What now?

Alberta’s It Girl : Was it a trap?

Baby Ruth: (confused) What trap?

Alberta’s It Girl: The trap you’ve been avoiding.

Baby Ruth: (defensive) I haven’t been avoiding anything.

Alberta’s It Girl: (knowingly) Really? Then why did you go there you knew it was a trap?

Baby Ruth: (shocked) Go where? How did you know about that?

Alberta’s It Girl: (smiling) I have my sources.

Baby Ruth: (sadly) Gah! I don’t know.

Alberta’s It Girl: (softly) Baby Ruth, please tell us what’s going on. We’re here to support you.

Baby Ruth: (tearfully) It’s just…it’s just too much. I don’t know how to handle it all.

[fumbles with WHY ME? tote bag]

Baby Ruth's WHY ME? ✔︎ (Sold out) tote bag
Baby Ruth’s WHY ME? ✔︎ (Sold out) tote bag

O Henry!: (gently) Whatever it is, you don’t have to handle it alone. We’re all here for you.

Butterfinger: (nodding) Yeah, we’re co-workers. We got your back.

Alberta’s It Girl: You know what you need to do, Baby Ruth. You need to tell all.

Baby Ruth: (tearfully) I’m scared. What if you hate me?

O Henry!: (putting a hand on Baby Ruth’s shoulder) We won’t hate you, Baby Ruth. We work with you not for you.

Alberta’s It Girl: (encouragingly) And we’ll understand. We really really will.

Baby Ruth: (nodding) Okay. I’ll tell you. But I need your help, guys.

O Henry!: (supportively) We’re here for you, Baby Ruth. Whatever you need. Just ask. We are here. For you.

Baby Ruth: (hesitant) I wasn’t ready for this—

Alberta’s It Girl: (interrupting) You’re never going to be ready. But you need to face it head-on. Just do it, now Baby Ruth.

Baby Ruth: (nodding) Okay. Okay, you’re right.

O Henry!: (concerned) What’s going on, Baby Ruth? What do you need to tell us?

Baby Ruth: (taking a deep breath) I don’t know what to do.

O Henry!: (supportively) Let me tell you a story.

One summer’s day, Windswept Overpeaks was visited by a lone traveler, asking for advice – something of great import to him. I stepped forward and whispered something to the traveller. The traveler thanked me and went on his way, grateful for the guidance. He was changed, his perspective forever altered.

So, Baby Ruth, you see, we’ll figure it out together. Just tell us what it is.

Alberta’s It Girl: (smiling) That’s the spirit. And if you need any help, you know where to find us. We are right here.

Baby Ruth feels a sense of relief wash over her. For the first time in a long time, she feels like she has a support system. And even though she knows it won’t be easy, she feels like she can finally face the truth. She takes another deep breath…

There’s a stunned silence as Baby Ruth’s co-workers try to process the news. O Henry! is the first to speak.

O Henry!: (gently) Baby Ruth, thank you for telling us. You don’t have to face this alone.

Alberta’s It Girl: (supportively) We’re here for you, Baby Ruth. We’ll do whatever we can to help you.

Butterfinger: (smiling) Yeah, we got this. We’re gonna be the best co-workers ever. We are here. Right now.

Baby Ruth: (smiling through her tears) Thank you, guys. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

O Henry!: (comforting) It’s okay to be scared, Baby Ruth. But you’re stronger than you think. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Alberta’s It Girl: (supportively) Yeah! I agree.

The co-workers share a hug, and Baby Ruth feels a sense of warmth and comfort she hasn’t felt in a long time. She knows that the road ahead will be easy, and that with her co-workers by her side, she feels like she can handle pretty much anything.

The people of Windswept Overpeaks know that their co-workers are people they can turn to when they are feeling lost, or when they need someone to talk to and to help them find their footing again. They are a pillar of strength and a source of hope in the community, and their words of encouragement and support to Baby Ruth are always inspirational to Windswept Overpeaks and a source of comfort and solace in these darkest of times.

tote bag ✔︎ (Sold out)
Alberta’s It Girl’s ✔︎ (Sold out) tote bag

(Neil Mulholland)

(Neil Mulholland)


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