Smart, Bots, AI and other kinda related buzz words

I have been reading a lot about AI and bots and in my own naive mind thought this would encompass working with other leading-edge institutions, SMEs and large global companies (having not worked with this technology or dare I say if it is pedagogically applicable to education).

Much to my surprise upon reading articles, watching countless YouTube videos, speaking to other institutions and annoying my fellow colleagues (who have lots of letters and number after their names) that the terminology surrounding this technology is a bit like star wars (I know I know but give me the next paragraph).

Imagine a fridge, its pretty boring but does what its built to do, now imagine that fridge with light sabre colour wine racks and a Hoth Ice maker (OMG!). The fridge is still a fridge is just is made to sound like it’s the best fridge ever (if you don’t like star wars then my coming “Ewoks the bourgeois of Endor” isn’t for you). With all technology we are starting to see AI becoming the go to buzz word that is liberally plastered on technology, mislabelling and blurring the lines of what AI means. I recently read an article (see link below) about the “AI” cooker and the wider experimenatl use of AI/Smart/Auotmated/ThinQ (LGs branded version) in the kitchen appliances.

I’ve seen the future of consumer AI, and it doesn’t have one

Cookers are programmed to heat things up (they dont cook thats the humans job and that varies depending on human), fridges are built to keep things cool, it doesn’t matter how much automation you build into them they aren’t going to pass the Turing test however they might sell more units to a confused consumer who wants to embrace the AI\Bot\ThinQ\Smart wave.

For example, LG says, if a fridge “knows” there’s a chicken in it, you select a recipe and the oven comes on to start roasting. Most of my very limited number of chicken recipes were learned years ago, however, and when I’m browsing for new ideas, I don’t necessarily want to start cooking right away. And perhaps like me you need to clear the oven of ancient metalware and possibly flammable material before it’s safe to turn on. I wondered how many fires AI will start? – Andrew Orlowski, I’ve seen the future of consumer AI, and it doesn’t have one

Technology can sometimes excite us and push the boundary however sometimes the terminology and definition of a technology can be confusing and presumptuous. AI and bots is a great example off how articles intertwine and bundle tech terms into a ball of confusion that can leave a room full of people quiet, nervous and slightly anxious about what people are talking about.



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  1. Your first blog post and it’s thoughtful, reflective, and even contains the ‘p’ word.

    Told you I’d get you in the end…

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