About me:

I am PhD student based in the School of Geoscience as part of the SENSE CDT. My project is entitled Ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions in the Arctic. My Principal Supervisor is Dr Noel Gourmelen, I am also supported by Dr Eleanor Frajke-Williams (NOC) and Dr Michel Tsamados (UCL). My CASE partner is Earthwave.

My research focuses on using EO data in order to quantify the effects of atmospheric and oceanic forcings on elevation change of land-ice masses in the Arctic and by the extension the possible future contributions of these land-ice masses to global sea level rise.

I am currently working on a case study  of the land-ice on Svalbard. I am comparing elevation change ( CryoSAT-2 Swath processed altimetry data) with SMB that has been produced by the Regional Atmospheric Model (MAR). As well comparing elevation change to various climate variables such as SST, 2m temperature, sea ice concentration etc.

Current research topics: Comparing EO data with model output with the intention of moving to collating broader connections between different process within the Arctic climate.

email:  m.fotheringham@ed.ac.uk                                                                                  twitter: @MoragGF