Student raising hand in classroom

Dr Heidi Smith: The Future of Education

I hope for a future for education and sport that is creative, innovative, and ever changing as it responds to the world’s needs. Needs, I believe, must be front and centre such as: social justice sustainability leadership intersectionality inclusivity diversity creativity decolonisation eliminating unconscious bias future-focused thinking The evolution of education Education which embraces land …

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Phone with ChatGPT open on top of a textbook

Dr Kenneth Fordyce: AI’s potential and the future of language research

Language is central to most of the key issues faced by societies in the 21st century, whether it’s the world of social media, echo chambers and misinformation, or generative AI-driven chatbots such as ChatGPT, or authoritarian and populist politicians promoting post-truth discourse. Understanding of language(s) and awareness of how language functions are more important than …

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Two women walking in the Meadows

Professor Emerita Nanette Mutrie: Physical Activity for Health

My research career in physical activity for health began when I trained as a physical education teacher at Dunfermline College, where I learned that people could get ‘hypokinetic’ (too little movement) disease. Dunf – as it was affectionately known – became part of Moray House College of Education, which in turn became part of the …

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