In conversation with key heritage organisations on Scotland’s Imperial narratives

Cromarty, Hemp Works and Dock, Black Isle. Lynette and Malcolm Johnson / Cromarty – Hemp Works / CC BY-SA 2.0

Over the last few years, there have been a growing number of discussions and publications on the many links between Scotland’s history and the story of Empire. While these have highlighted the scale of Scotland’s contribution to Britain’s global reach over the last 300 years, how we address the lasting legacies of this on Scotland’s built heritage, and on the collections held within Scottish institutions, is still unclear. Best practice, management, and policy development on this is currently being explored through a number of projects and larger institutional changes in Scotland, the impacts of which are hoped to spread throughout the wider heritage sector and general public over time.

This 2.5 hour webinar includes speakers from the National Trust for Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland, the Hunterian Museum, and Museums and Galleries Scotland. Each speaker discusses the approaches, methods and plans that they are currently engaging with, to address conversations on Empire and the Transatlantic slave trade within their own institutions. A roundtable discussion on the direction of the heritage profession follows.