Vision and Mission


The Lichen Walk project aims to raise awareness of the presence and importance of lichens in the formation of the urban ecosystem and their impact on our perception of the world. If we observe them carefully, lichens can allow us to step back from our everyday life and transport us to another world. In addition, the project attempts to introduce amateurs and the more experienced to lichenology – the study of lichens.


Credit: A lichen forest on a tree (Evernia prunastri, Parmelia sulcata and Xanthoria parietina), picture taken by the author, Lucie Pestiaux (2020). CC BY-SA 4.0.


After the walk, we hope that the participants will

  • Consider the city as a hub of complex interactions, of which lichens are a part.
  • Have sparked their interest in urban flora.
  • Learn to sense the environment around them by observing the distribution and presence of lichens.
  • Be able to identify common lichen species in urban areas.
  • Know what a lichen is and how the organism functions.


Who am I?


This project is the result of a collaborative project between the University of Edinburgh and Lucie Pestiaux, within the framework of the course “Creating Edinburgh: the interdisciplinary city”. The website for the whole course can be accessed here.

Lucie is at the origin of the project Lichen Walk that was created as part of one of her courses at the University of Edinburgh in 2021. She graduated from the programme Environmental Science and Ecology with Management at the University of Edinburgh in June 2021. Through her academic and scientific studies, she nourished a philosophical questioning linked to the perception of the human on the living world. Passionate about the phenomena of relationships – and particularly symbiotic relationships – in the living world and through her training as a storyteller and systemic thinker, she tries to link different disciplines to create new stories in order to explain the world around us.

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