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Sophia Blum – Learn Foundations Internship

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Programme of Study: 2nd year Social Policy with Quantitative Methods

Hobbies: Paddle boarding, dog walking, reading

Intern Position: Learn Foundations Intern

“Known as” at the office: The one not studying STEM

Describe your role in 4 words:  Keeping on-top of Learn

The Basics

I found out about the internships within ISG when I was browsing MyCareerHub looking for a summer job. They seemed like a great opportunity to get some work experience while making some extra money over the summer. A team of 9 of us work on the Learn platform that has become increasingly relied on, particularly due to the pandemic. We run a bunch of checks to ensure that the courses fit the templates for each school within Edinburgh University and the content is accessible and migrated correctly from the DRPS (the database with the information for all courses at UoE). We also have the opportunity to do a bit of professional development on LinkedIn Learning or other online Learning sites.

The most enjoyable part for me has been collaborating in a team to get through all the work, especially on the days we have been in the office face to face. This especially fun for me as I have never worked in an office before and have missed face to face collaboration over the last few years (for obvious reasons!).

My thoughts

During the free welcome lunch that was held for all the ISG interns I met lots of interesting people working on so many internships that I didn’t know existed! I learned just how much work goes into running this section of the University, something I didn’t appreciate before working here. Additionally, this is the first 9-5 job I have had, and I prefer it so much over shift work! It’s so much easier to plan your life and keep your work/life balance in check. It’s wonderful knowing what time I have to get up and that I will always be home on time from work to share dinner with my family.

Its week 8 out of 12 for me so I’m 2/3 the way through! I am looking forward to completing more of the migrations and other tasks to have them out of the way. Good luck to all the other interns with their projects and hopefully they can enjoy the summer for a while as well working!

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